US Student Focused


Whether you are studying in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, or Argentina, we ensure that you not only have the best educational experience possible at the highest level institutions, but that you are also able to easily translate those courses and credits back to your home school.


Toward that end, Spanish Studies Abroad will deliver two transcripts to your school when you return home: the official transcript from the university you attended in Spanish, and a translated and notarized transcript that matches those credits into the correct form for your school to accept and accredit you with. We also provide a letter explaining how those translations were made, so that you are clear on every particular.


Whether you are applying to the University of Havana, the Pablo de Olivade University in Seville, or any other of our partner institutions, Spanish Studies Abroad is dedicated to making sure your registration process is as seamless and easy as signing up for courses at your home school. From providing course descriptions and syllabi to working to make sure you have a seat in your desired class, our staff abroad will make signing up for courses a breeze.

Major Specific

Whether you are a business, health, education or other kind of major, Spanish Studies Abroad can help tailor your courses abroad to meet your academic needs. We will ensure that your studies abroad will directly contribute toward your major, so that you are not only having an immersive cultural experience but directly furthering your academic career while you do so. Simply inform your Admissions Advisor as to your major and they will work with you in selecting the appropriate courses.