Support Staff



Imagine yourself studying abroad. What do you picture? No doubt you see yourself walking the cobbled streets of some beautiful city, or speaking Spanish with the locals, or studying hard in some distant classroom.

Yet step back. With Spanish Studies Abroad that's not the complete picture. Behind each and every wonderful moment of cultural immersion and academic striving is the support staff that will ensure your experience is the best one possible. The Resident Directors themselves have their own page, but beside them stand the Assistant Resident Directors, the Student Services personnel, our Program Interns and more.

Each program site will have a different sized office, ranging from our historic and beautiful Seville Center to our quaint Havana office, but wherever you go you will have a support staff on site ready and willing to help you with each and every difficulty, challenge, or question you may have.

So yes: imagine yourself walking the streets, talking, dining, laughing, making friends, studying hard, and having the time of your life. But know that there will be a team of dedicated professionals on site working with you to make that dream come true.