Speaking Partners

My experience with my intercambio really helped me to learn more about living in Sevilla.

- Aniell Daczka, Susquehanna University

Nothing helps you develop your Spanish better than conversing with locals. Yet beyond brief exchanges with shop keepers, bus drivers and waiters, it can occasionally be tricky to get into in-depth conversations about subjects that interest you.

That's where your speaking partner, or intercambio, comes in. Spanish Studies Abroad will partner you with a local student and arrange for you to meet and talk about topics that might not normally arise during your daily activities. You can ask your intercambio anything from questions about the local music scene and the best places to grab tapas to their opinions on local politics, their hopes for the future, and more.

Be prepared - they might ask you similar questions!

How do we match you with the right speaking partner? During the pre-departure process you will complete a questionnaire that will map out your interests, and then we'll match you to a local student that has those interests in common. So whether you're a sports fanatic or passionate about cooking, we'll do our best to connect you with someone eager to discuss the same interests.

Spanish Studies Abroad will arrange parties, get-togethers, and cultural events for you to hang out with your intercambio, but we encourage you to take the initiative, befriend your speaking partner, and arrange to meet in the city on your own time. We've heard from many students that connecting with their intercambio was the best way to make local friends their age, truly learn about their new environment, and immerse themselves in the local culture.