Resident Directors


Spanish Studies Abroad's Resident Directors play a vital role in helping you adapt and get the most out of your study abroad experience.

What is a Resident Director?

An RD is your go-to person in your new city, your guardian and guide. Available 24/7 and dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible, they’re motivated with helping you in any way they can. From organizing and leading you on field trips and excursions, being a sympathetic ear for all matters personal and troubling, helping you with technical challenges like navigating new phone systems, to accessing funds to giving you advice on academic matters and school related issues, your RD will work tirelessly to turn every obstacle into a pleasure.

What’s the benefit of having an RD?

An RD guarantees that you have a friendly ear no matter what the issue or the problem. Cheerful, incredibly knowledgeable about the local scene, and always ready to give advice or simply listen, RD’s will make a new city immediately feel navigable and open. They are there in case of emergencies or if you simply want to chat, and knowing that you have a local with all the answers on hand will give you confidence in striking out on your own.

Who are the RD’s?

We’re glad you asked! Click on the link below to meet each RD and learn more about them, or on the menu to the left.


Meet the Resident Directors!