FAQ: Pre-Departure Process
What is the Pre-Departure Process?

If you have been accepted by Spanish Studies Abroad, there are a number of matters that will need to be taken care of before you go on your program. In order confirm your enrollment in a Spanish Studies program, you will need to complete these tasks; many can be taken care of using your Online Account. You will also receive an acceptance packet via e-mail that will provide important information about preparing for your program.

What is my Online Account?

All students studying with Spanish Studies Abroad have an online account. If you applied to Spanish Studies Abroad via online application, you did so through your online account. If you applied via paper application, an account was created for you. To access your account, enter your username and password, and then click the "Login" button in the top-right-hand corner of the web page. If you have forgotten your password, you may request a new one on the login page.

What do I need to complete and send to Spanish Studies Abroad before going on my study abroad program?

You will find specific instructions in your acceptance packet and in your online account, so make sure to go through this information carefully.

Will I need a student visa?

Visa requirements vary by program location and length. However, if you do need a visa it is imperative that you apply for the visa as soon as possible! See our visa page for more information.

What is acceptable for my headshot photo? Where do I send it to? Does it have to be digital or can I mail in a photo?

For identification purposes, Spanish Studies Abroad requires that you email a clear and appropriate passport-sized headshot (175px X 175px or 2in.X 2in.) in JPG format to info[at]spanishstudies.org.

What do I need to know when making travel arrangements?

You can find the most up-to-date travel information for your program in your acceptance packet. The link to your packet is in your acceptance e-mail. You will need to enter your arrival information in your Online Account as part of the Post-Acceptance Process. Spanish Studies Abroad needs to know the exact time, date, airline name, and flight number of your arrival in your host city. Make sure to fill out the "Arrival Information" form in your Student Account or email your arrival information to info[at]spanishstudies.org..

What is the the Optional Cell Phone Program?

All students participating in Spanish Studies Abroad programs in Spain have the option of leasing a cell phone. For more information, see Optional Cell Phone Information.

At this time, Spanish Studies Abroad does not offer a cell phone lease program for students studying in Argentina, Puerto Rico, or Cuba. If you wish to have a cell phone while in one of these locations, you will need to investigate independent options. Upon arrival to your program, our staff will be happy to provide you with some guidance on this matter.