"I felt it was a highly valuable trip, as well as an enriching learning opportunity."
Riley Mitchell
Birmingham-Southern College

Universidad Pablo de la Olavide and Universidad de Sevilla

Seville, Spain

Studying in Seville with Spanish Studies Abroad affords students the opportunity to study alongside local Spanish students at either of two well-known universities in Seville - Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad Pablo de la Olavide. Students generally opt to enroll in integrated courses at local universities for two reasons:
  • Integrated courses are a great way to experience the Spanish-student lifestyle and meet local Spanish students.
  • Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad Pablo de Olavide offer a wide range of courses in their many departments, or "facultades." If you have the Spanish ability and want to take coursework that is not offered by the Center, enrolling in courses at a university is a great way to expand the academic-range of your study abroad experience.
However, taking courses at the local universities does raise some challenges. These courses generally follow a European-lecture model, which is often very different from the interactive classrooms U.S. and Canadian students are used to. This means that there is not a lot of discussion in the classroom and the bulk of your grade is determined by performance on a few tests or papers.
To help you meet these challenges, all Spanish Studies Abroad students begin with an Intensive Language Period, taught at our Center by native Spanish professors. This period is invaluable to helping you gain the skills necessary to perform in this independent-learning environment. Plus, our Center in Seville has the resources to help you find tutors and academic help as you need it.

Spanish Studies Abroad Programs that Offer Integrated Courses:

If you have completed one semester of advanced college Spanish, or the equivalent, and want to enroll in courses at Universidad de Sevilla or Universidad Pablo de Olavide, you should enroll in one of the following programs:
  • Integrated Studies Program: You can take your core courses at the Center and enroll in 1-3 courses or take the majority of your courses at a local university alongside Spanish students. This program option is ideal if you want a Spanish student experience and want to enroll in courses that are designed specifically for students studying abroad in Spain.  With the support of Spanish Studies Abroad you will benefit from language preparation and the guidance and support offered by the Center.