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Summer Terms | Seville, Spain

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Summer Terms


The Summer program comprises two 3 1/2 week terms offering an intensive academic experience with a rich cultural component. Students live in Spanish homes and participate in a full array of study tours, cultural events, and social activities. An oral and written Spanish language placement test is given during orientation each to enable students to work at his or her level of proficiency. The Director uses this test in conjunction with the student's previous experience to advise which course best suits their individual needs. 

  • Dedication to academic excellence
  • Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level courses available
  • Classes meet Monday through Friday for a total of 60 contact hours
  • Average class size: 10-12
  • 4-6 credits per term
  • Graduate credit is available for certain courses; contact the U.S. office for further details.
  • Prerequisite for Elementary Courses:
    There is no requirement for 101S; for 102S the prerequisite is the completion of the first semester of elementary Spanish at the college level, or the equivalent.
  • Prerequisite for Intermediate Courses:
    Two semesters or the completion of elementary college-level Spanish or the equivalent
  • Prerequisite for Advanced courses:
    4 semesters or the completion of intermediate college-level Spanish or the equivalent
  • 3.0 GPA in Spanish coursework required
  • Some courses may have additional prerequisites
During Summer Term 1, Spanish Studies offers The Pschology of Learning a Second Language, taught in English by the esteemed educational scholar and psychologist, Dr. Frank Castrillón. In this course students acquire tools to identify the psychological aspects that facilitate and sometimes impede the learning of a foreign language. Graduate credit is available for this course (see Graduate Credit Options for details). Students who enroll in this course are encouraged to apply for the Practicum in Education.

The Practicum in Education, offered during Summer Term 2, is an educational internship in which students earn 4 semester credits and acquire hands-on teaching experience. Students work as Teacher’s Assistants and teach English to Spanish children aged 4 to 12 enrolled the Playschool program at the Center. Former or current Spanish Studies students, as well as those applying to a Summer Term are eligible to apply for the Practicum. 
Also, during Summer Term 2, Spanish Studies offers a summer course specifically designed for teachers of Spanish as a second language and university students preparing to teach, called "Seminar for Teachers of Spanish: Culture in the Classroom." In this course, students focus on creating methods and materials to develop communicative competence in their students and introduce the linguistic and socio-cultural aspects of Spanish to their classroom. Graduate credit is available for this course (see Graduate Credit Options for details).
During Summer Term 1, Spanish Studies offers two professional development courses in business and health:

In addition to summer study options, students may also participate in an 8-week internship or service learning program during a summer in Alicante. Please visit our Summer Internships and Service Learning pages for more information on this unique opportunity.

All courses (with the exception of The Psychology of Learning a Second Language) are taught in Spanish by highly qualified Spanish university professors with extensive experience in teaching American students.

All students live with local host families.