Argentina is one of the largest countries in South America, and the size of all of Western Europe combined! From its vast deserts and snowy glaciers, towering mountain peaks and steamy rainforests, to its rural vineyards, bustling urban centers and everything in between, Argentina's regional diversity is alive and waiting to be discovered. The people of Argentina are warm and welcoming, and they invite you to learn about Argentina through living as a member of their exciting and unique community.

In your free time, you'll take advantage of Córdoba's extraordinary setting. The city is surrounded by lakes and rivers that attract water sport enthusiasts from around the world. The region's mountains and valleys are ideal for hiking, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities.

The citizens of Córdoba, cordobeses, will introduce you to cuarteto, an energetic and festive regional music danced by all. They'll also encourage you to try yerba mate, the traditional herbal tea regularly shared by friends, and invite you to their family barbeques known as an asado. A warm and inviting city, Córdoba and its generous people offer CC-CS students the ideal environment for cross-cultural immersion into Argentine society.

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  • Capital of Córdoba Province
  • Argentina's second largest metropolitan area
  • Bustling educational and commercial center
  • Foothills of the Sierra Chica mountain range in northern Argentina
  • Recognized as a center for arts and learning in Argentina with its many universities, theatres, and museums
  • Known as "La Docta", from doctorate and rich academic past.


Spanish Studies Abroad offers an exceptional opportunity for cross-cultural study at the distinguished Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), a descendent of the oldest university in Argentina.

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All courses are designed to advance critical thinking, and mature, correct expression of Spanish language. Additionally, Experiential Learning Opportunities offer an excellent way to gain first-hand experience.






At Spanish Studies Abroad we are committed to providing programs of academic excellence which offer students a variety of courses within a broad spectrum of disciplines.

In addition to our regular semester and summer programs, Spanish Studies Abroad also provides professors and faculty with the opportunity to create their own Customized Programs.